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        180 GO! Website: http://www.180go.com/
        180 GO! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/180GO

        How to Make: A Garbage Bag Kite

        This is a fun project to do with kids using simple material you can find around the house!

        Step 1: The Materials

        Need: a plastic bag, two sticks, string, scissors, and ribbon.

        Optional: tape and/or glue

        *The sticks can be garden stakes, dowels, straight twigs, or skewers taped together.

        Step 2: Cut & Tie the Frame

        Cut the cross stick about 4 inches shorter than the main stick. Then take the two sticks and tie them together with a piece of string. The cross stick should be tied about one third of the way down the main stick – making the shape of a lower-case t.

        Step 3: Cut the Sail

        Trace and cut the garbage bag to fit the frame of the kite.

        Step 4: Tie the Sail to the Frame

        Tie the ends of the sail to the wood frame. No need to use glue or tape – though it may be helpful. Keep the knots tight!

        Step 5: Attach the Flying String

        First, tie a piece of string from one side of the cross stick to the other, leaving slack to form a triangle. Then, tie the end of the spool of string to the bottom portion of the main stick, loop under the slack cross string and tie a simple knot at the intersection of the two strings (so it forms a triangular pyramid shape).

        *Hint: if you can’t figure out how to tie it with the spool of string attached, you can cut it and then attach the flying string after by tying a knot near the top of the triangular pyramid.

        Step 6: Make a Ribbon Balance

        Tie ribbons to the end of the kite in order to help balance it. You can even attach a small weight, like a washer, if the ribbons don’t seem hefty enough for your kite.

        Step 7: Decorate Your Kite

        Optional: color on, add stickers, ribbons, etc. to decorate your kite.


        Step 8: Find Wind and Fly!

        If you can get an open field and some gusts going, you’ll be in business. Your back should be toward the wind. The best way to launch the kite is to have a friend hold it while you back up slowly into the wind. Have your friend let go of the kite and let the string out.

        *Common Misconception: You don’t need to run to get the kite flying…though sometimes holding the kite and running into the wind is more fun!

        Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

        Whether it works or not, don’t forget to keep it breezy and just have fun!

        Earth Conservation Corps is a non-profit youth development and environmental service organization with two locations on the Anacostia River. Since 1989, Earth Conservation Corps has been successfully reclaiming two of America’s most endangered resources – our youth and our environment.

        In 1992 nine young men and women from the underserved Ward 8 community volunteered to restore the severely polluted Anacostia River. They believed that they could reclaim the Anacostia River and through that work, they began to prove that their river and their own lives were worth saving.

        Following their leadership, thousands of youth from the neighborhoods near the Anacostia River began volunteering with Earth Conservation Corps working to reclaim the Anacostia River,? earn scholarships and gain job training and leadership skills.

        In addition to restoring the Anacostia River, and the surrounding communities, the Earth Conservation Corps has also reintroduced Bald Eagles back into the District, studied Osprey migration through tracking devices, and has engaged many youths in becoming citizen scientists!

        Go to our website?https://earthconservationcorps.org/?to learn how you can become involved.

        For more FREE online workouts with Vida Fitness, please visit?https://vidafitness.com/homeworkouts

        Join Take Five Meditation’s Jeneen Piccuirro from the comfort of your own living room as we set a positive, collective intention for spring renewal and hope.

        Learn more about Jeneen and her sound healing practice at


        Use this guided meditation with a simple breathwork practice to focus on compassion and energetic healing.

        Follow Ariel for more lessons and guidance


        Sakura Matsuri 6oth Anniversary Celebration

        Every April the Japanese American Society of Washington DC (JASWDC) presents the Sakura Matsuri-Japanese Street Festival.? The event includes four stages of live performances and hundreds of vendors and exhibitors of Japanese craft, culture, and cuisine. The beloved festival serves as a Premier Event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the largest single-day celebration of Japanese Culture in the United States. The next Sakura Matsuri-Japanese Street Festival will be the event’s 60th anniversary and will hopefully occur this summer. Once it is safe to do so, we cannot wait to welcome our 30-40k attendees to join the JASWDC, the presenting sponsors Kirin Beer and ANA, and the hundreds of volunteers, vendors, and exhibitors for our annual celebration of Japanese culture.

        Employing a stirring mix of classical, folk, rock, and pop with some electronic flourishes, The National Parks is a four-piece indie folk-pop band with Brady Parks on guitar and vocals being joined by Sydney Macfarlane on keys and vocals, Cam Brannelly on drums, and Megan Parks on violin. The National Parks was formed in 2013 in Provo, Utah and has since independently released four studio albums.




        Spotify: The National Parks

        Apple Music:?The National Parks

        Led by award-winning vocalist Jarreau Williams, JWX pays homage to classic tunes ranging from the 70s to today’s hits through soulful vibes and high energy, funky rhythms. Many have compared his voice to the likes of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson.

        The Mark H Rooney Connection

        The Mark H Taiko School



        THE 6821 QUINTET is named to reflect the distance from Tokyo to DC, the quintet consists of international artists coming together to fulfill the understanding that music brings disparate cultures together. The group puts on performances during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and showcases their musical artistry at various venues around the DC area.

        Songs of Spring,?composed by Michael Djupstrom, was commissioned by and premiered at the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 National Cherry Blossom Festival.

        The 6821 Quintet performers

        Eric Silberger (violin)

        Shizuka Inoue (violin)

        Andrew Gonzalez (viola)

        Clancy Newman (cello)

        Ryo Yanagitani (piano)

        THE 6821 QUINTET is named to reflect the distance from Tokyo to DC, the quintet consists of international artists coming together to fulfill the understanding that music brings disparate cultures together. The group performs during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and showcases their musical artistry at various venues around the DC area.

        Cherry Blossom Fantasy, composed by Clancy Newman, was commissioned by the Ryuji Ueno Foundation and premiered at the 2019 National Cherry Blossom Festival Opening Ceremony.

        The 6821 Quintet performers

        Eric Silberger (violin)

        Shizuka Inoue (violin)

        Andrew Gonzalez (viola)

        Clancy Newman (cello)

        Ryo Yanagitani (piano)

        Naotaro Moriyama

        Naotaro Moriyama is a songwriter and J-pop singer who has appeared in numerous music scenes, TV programs and on radio programs since his debut in 2002. Mr. Moriyama’s lyrics represent his own distinct worldview that is firmly rooted in Japanese cultural tradition, and his clear and impressive singing voice along with his guitar techniques have attracted a wide range of fans, spanning generations. His second major single, “Sakura (Cherry Blossom)”, was a smash hit and has been considered by many Japanese to be the song most emblematic of the spring season in Japan, and remains extremely popular at karaoke and high school graduation ceremonies. Mr. Moriyama has been featured three times in NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen (NHK Red & White Year-End Song Festival), a prestigious music TV program with almost 70 years of history that is aired at New Year’s Eve by Japanese public broadcaster, NHK, both nationally and internationally. In recent years, he has been undertaking new challenges by writing for a wider range of music genres, such as anime theme songs, as well as creating a new style of music performance showcasing his own music.


        Lyrics: Naotaro Moriyama, Kite Okachimachi

        I promise you I’ll be waiting for you
        Till the day that I can see you
        Once again

        You see the cherry blossoms blooming all around
        It’s time for us to say goodbye

        You stayed so strong even when the times were hard
        I remember you were there smiling for me

        When I was so close to giving up all my dreams
        You gave me hope to stand on my feet

        As I look around everything just fades away
        Whenever I close my eyes, I hear that song

        SAKURA SAKURA Now they are blooming all around
        Even though they know that sooner they are coming to the end
        Say goodbye, all my friends, and I see you once again
        I promise you that you will always be in my heart

        Hope I can say how I really feel inside
        All the things I tried to tell you way before
        I wanna cherish your future and your dreams
        With the words coming from my true heart

        The times are changing now
        The seasons come and go
        Sometimes I feel like the world is rushing us

        SAKURA SAKURA Now I see them falling down
        Just believing that someday they will be coming back to life
        Don’t you cry, all my friends, it’s time to say goodbye
        I wanna see you smiling once again oh

        SAKURA SAKURA Now I see them flying away
        See the sunlight shedding on them as they’re dancing in the air
        Say goodbye, all my friends I will see you once again right here
        Place where flowers keep blooming every year
        Place where flowers keep blooming every year
        Our place

        Producer : Masashi Kaneko

        Director : Yuuki Ishikawa

        Production Manager : Satoshi Furuya

        Assistant Producer : Mikuna Oouchi

        Cameraman : Masato Muroi, Eri Shiranita

        Sound Recording : Satoshi Furuya

        MA Mixer : Hiroaki Matsuoka

        Special Thanks : Gongendo Park

        Produced by Monkey Wrench

        Anna Sato X Toshiyuki Sasaki

        An alternative musical ensemble featuring Anna Sato, a master of shima-uta (traditional folk songs of Amami Island) and a drummer, Toshiyuki Sasaki.

        Shima-uta is a singing tradition in which the voice is simply accompanied by a drum called chijin. This ensemble creates a new sound while embracing the fundamental composition by combining the sounds of shima-uta, sanshin (traditional three-stringed instrument from Amami Island), Amami harp (traditional vertical harp of Amami Island) and the western drums.

        Ms. Sato began learning shima-uta from her grandfather, Sumio Megumi, from age three and won multiple awards while growing up. Her professional debut came after performing at the opening of EXPO2005. This opening event was produced by Kansai Yamamoto, internationally acclaimed fashion designer. In 2013 and 2015, she performed in the musical Les Miserables in the role of Fantine. Then she caught the eye of renowned Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and performed shima-uta in his dance production titled ICON. In the production of Cuentos De Azucar (Sugar Tales), Anna collaborated with Flamenco’s leading dancer and director Eva Yerbabuena. In 2018, she sang the theme of NHK’s yearlong period drama, Segodon and also appeared in the drama in the role of a family member of the protagonist.

        Mr. Sasaki’s drumming style is often praised as being poetically sensitive, yet very powerful based on Japanese cultural traditions. His own band, Nautilus, was formed in 2014 and is distributed through a German music label. As a result, they have received a great deal of praises from overseas.

        Anna Sato x Toshiyuki Sasaki, have performed as a musical ensemble in Paris and also at a choir festival held in Corsica, in 2016, which brought them international acclaim. They have been actively performing domestically as well as internationally.

        Anna Sato website:?https://www.annasato-primitive-voice.com

        Toshiyuki Sasaki website:?https://www.nautilusmusic.net


        White Out Tokyo is a dance team founded and directed by A-NON, choreographer and dancer. She originally started dancing at the age of fourteen and received much acclaim by participating in Tokyo Dance Delight, a dance competition considered as a litmus test for the career success of the choreographers in Tokyo. A-NON’s original style of combining uniquely Japanese fashion, music, and dance as equally important elements of her choreography, makes her one of the most innovative and prominent choreographers in the industry. They are praised for its dynamic performances in the waacking style of dance for which A-NON’s choreography is known. A-NON’s vision brought them two victories in major international championships: World of Dance International Competition in 2018 and Showstopper International Competition in 2019.


        Founder & Choreographer: A-NON

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