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      2. ARTS & CRAFTS

        Blossom Charm

        Make jewelry for your Mom on Mother’s Day!

        Color with Domo and Friends!

        Grab your markers and color with our Furry Festival Friend, Domo, as seen in the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade?

        Grow An Avocado

        Avocados are delicious and fun to grow and make beautiful plants along the way!

        Make Your Own Taiko Drum

        TAIKO is an ancient style of Japanese drumming that is still popular today. Taiko drums are traditionally large, but actually come in all sizes. They are played with drumsticks, known as “bachi”.

        Kite Coloring Page

        Color and create your very own Blossom Kite Festival Presented by Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.!

        Paper Petals

        Cherry Blossom?represents spring and new beginnings. Celebrate the start of the season by making your own cherry blossom flower out of recycled materials.

        Cherry Blossom Tree

        Color and create a cherry blossom tree you might find at the Tidal Basin.

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